Loopy Lou - Children's Party Testimonials



A BIG thank you for covering my children's magic party games @ The TMG club.  Loopy Lou you are amazing and very talented and so good with the children, your hula hoops were outstanding....from everyone,  I am told the at club.


I would highly recommend you to any one wanting a children's show - Thank you Loopy Lou xx — feeling very thankful.


Tree-anna Dec 2014




"The "Loopy Lou experience" is something I would recommend to any parents who needed something fun, educating and entertaining for their children's birthday party.  She was able to keep the focus of a bunch of 15 wild 3-to-5yr olds, always in a fun way and with plenty of gadgets and magic tricks, let alone customised, nice background, music and lots of colours. In the end, she not only entertained the children, but the parents were involved too. The whole party lasted for two hours and everybody enjoyed it.  If you don't know what to create for your child's party, you can rest assured it's going to be brilliant if Loopy Lou's fantasy and extreme dedication takes over your anxiety! And you'll have time to rest while your children are having a ball, literally :)  Thanks Loopy Lou."


Francesco (Hove, Nov 2014)



 A big thank you to Loopy Lou (The Children's Entertainer from Brighton) who put on a fabulous ‘Disco Party’ for my 7 year old daughter. The mood was perfect and the girls had great fun learning new dance routines and limbo dancing!  Not to mention the ‘sparkly makeovers and neon glow bracelets, they received when they arrived. Overall the party was jam packed with excitement and treats, far better than I could have ever imagined – it  will go down in history as one of the best, and one of the easiest for me!!



Leisa - Hanover



Loopy Lou - Children's Entertainer, is amazing at this!  I was dreading the thought of entertaining 10 four year old boys, at my son's birthday party but Lou made it a breeze!!  She kept them entertained and laughing the whole time, they danced, jumped around and played loads of fun party games.  I was able to relax and join all the mums for a glass of Cava!! Loopy Lou was a hit with all the kids. - A big thankyou!!



Anna - Hove East Sussex



Loopy Lou entertained eleven 6 year olds recently at my daughters birthday party.  During the hour, Loopy Lou kept all the children occupied, happy and thoroughly entertained, with a variety of games, music, dancing, facepainting, and great prizes!  Loopy Lou was well worth the money spent and took all the stress out of organising party games.  I would definately recommend her to anyone with young children!


Lizzie - Southwick, Sussex



Loopy  Lou is amazing!   She totally takes care of all your children's needs at their party, so that You can enjoy it too!! Totally stress free!!  Thank you x


Maisies Grandma - Elaine, Three Bridges


Loopy Lou delivered  an excellent variety of entertainment which engaged and excited all the children that attended my granddaughters 2nd birthday party in September.  With the weather deciding to stay nice enough for outdoor activities, Loopy Lou thoroughly spoiled all the children with great games, bubbles, dancing, fabulous modern tunes and singing.  Loopy Lou managed to find common themes to keep the attention of a very mixed age range (from 12 months old to 9 years old).  All the children left with big tired smiles, sweets, treats, and cake.


Thank you for a great afternoon.  I would highly recommend Loopy Lou to anyone looking for a fantastic, interactive, Children's Entertainer!


Dan Gould - Horsham



Loopy Lou (The Brighton Children's Entertainer) was fantastic in providing a fun, stimulating and colourful afternoon of singing, dancing, balloons, parachute fun and games!!  The children all had a wonderful time.  I was really impressed with the small details that Loopy Lou had covered - prizes and gingerbread men to accompany the interactive story telling, and name badges for everyone!!  Loopy Lou is a truly, natural, entertainer!!


Bev Higgs - Pycombe Sussex



We had a wonderful time with our friends @ Maisies 4th Mermaid birthday party!  The princesses enjoyed it sooo much, that they were off to bed early!!  Thanks to Loopy Lou for providing the fantastic make-overs and delightful entertainment, for all the children.  The party was a huge success!! :0)  x


Marie France Leveque - Three Bridges, Crawley



Loopy Lou you were amazing and the children all loved you!!


Elaine Davey - Crawley



Loopy Lou - thanks for your great job today at Adams 4th birthday party!  The Children all loved every minute of the entertainment that you provided!! The magic and dragon puppet show was an amazing hit with all the kids, and they enjoyed so much, all of your interactive entertainment that you provided for them.  I will tell all of our friends about you, for their future parties!



Kerry - Hove